March 13, 2010

Eclipse Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes Featurette

Apparently this is from the New Moon dvd rental - who knew?!

Hands up if you HEART Jackspers hair!

- Lorabell *hands up*

P.s. And so it begins...


  1. Nikki's hair too! That hair means business! Some kid at Blockbuster is soooo getting fired for this!

  2. OK! THIS is what I needed to see! This got me waaaayyy more Excited than the actual Trailer did. I have a bit more faith in Eclipse now... and even Bell's wig doesn't look as bad.
    I'm EXCITED!!!

  3. hands up! his hair looks much better!!!

    and I agree with deevannee! except on Bella´s wig

  4. Ooh!
    I'm feeling better about Eclipse now.
    I'm sorry Lorabell but Jaspers hair just seems to get worse with every film.

    Plus Rob actually looked 17 in Twilight... and since NM has started to look his age... :(
    Oh well can't have it all!


    This was better than the actual trailer! This reaffirmed my faith in David Slade.

    @ deevannee: I agree, Bella's wig is not as bad.

    Hey, is that Jacksper's real hair or a wig? Looks real.

  6. Jasper's hair is great, but I really love both Rosalie and Esme's hair in what appears to be a fight-training scene!

  7. THANK GOD! this was 100 times better then then the trailer. I want the person who did the Eclipse trailer fired! lol..Im so happy its looks so much better, then the trailer let on. Yea im excited~

  8. huh? Why did Taylor say Bella is the reason Victoria made James?? That's not true.. or is it? :S

  9. I think Taylor says "Bella is the reason Victoria's mate James was killed"

  10. kinda iffy abt jaspers hair.....too long? it was pretty good in the first 1 if u ask me!!

  11. I'm SO glad we got to see how awesome some of the fight scenes are going to be...definitely got me more excited than the trailer did.

    i loved the trailer,
    but i was a WEE dissapointed in it.
    this just reassured me COMPLETELY!
    this is wayyy better than the trailer,
    and i now, dont think i can wait 108 days!

  13. 1:56 that's not jackson and peter! either way, great look...should have released this instead. although, the more i watch the trailer, the better it is. i think all of use who love Eclipse and think its the best story, we love it cause it has and action. and there was no action in the trailer... this was so awesome...can't wait

  14. Surprised no one has complained bout Victoria yet xD
    I love Bryce as Victoria if you ask me, Rosalie looks exactly how I pictured her in the book and Edward is just as beautiful as always <3

  15. AAHHH!! Holy GAWD!! This looks AMAZING!!!!!

  16. I loved this way better than the trailer too! Although it's growing on me haha
    And I have to disagree, Jasper's hair is hideous imo!

  17. man this has ALOT of really good stills.

    seth was like there for a split of a second but he was so ADORABLE. Really good casting.

  18. Oh WoW, thank you so much for posting makes me really happy and excited ^.^
    I think everything looks awesome ;)
    Yes, it begins...I'm ready, so bring it on XD

  19. i think i will watch that like hundred times more because wow action! wow for all of them! ; D

  20. MUCH more exciting than that boring trailer. Super excited to see the newborns. AND I'm really looking forward to the bonfire scene...I hope they invested time and effort in the flashbacks of the Quilleute stories! Can't wait to see Leah!

  21. You know you're really in the Pacific Northwest when you see that skidder lifting up the old growth...

  22. hands up to all of them..
    it was great!


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