February 25, 2010

Whoop - New Runaways TV Spot!

Ohmahgawdthisistooawesome!!! Hands up if you're stoked for this flick?

Thanks Irene :)

- Lorabell *hands up*


  1. awesome! can't wait to see this, have no idea when it'll be released in Australia.

  2. woop woop!!! I literally got goose bumps, so stoaked for this to come out already. gahhhhhh.

  3. I saw the tweet go out while I was at work and I instantly played it on full blast. I didn't give a frak who heard it because I was so excited!

  4. I've seen it already in Maidison and it was soooo awesome!! Well worth the money and i even got to meet Cherie Currie.

  5. Ahh yeah this trailer is so awesome! I really want to know when it comes out in Australia too.


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