February 23, 2010

Well hello new Runaways pic of Kristen & Dakota in bed together...


Thansk Irene :)


  1. Yes, interesting indeed. I sooo love it. Great photo shoot.

  2. her pants are always undone lol

  3. @ anon that's the first think I noticed- but she was pregnant at the time--LOL. And Dakota all nekkid ooohhh the scandal.
    I was ready the NYpost with a nice picture of Kstew it was about Sundance- and how she is trying very hard to change her image from being type cast as Bella- with WTTR and Runaways- the reporter said she certainly went to the opposite side of the scale to accomplish that. However, he said WTTR was ok- it showed KS can drop the F bomb well, but Runaways was a better performance from her and definately had no signs of Bella in her at all- What will all the Twilight teenies think-- The girl has to grow up and can't be one character forever- I'm glad to see actors such as KS do whatever moves them as an actor and explore roles maybe beyond who they are in real life. The reporter was actual kind to KS in the article, which was a nice change. I'm babbling now- off to work...

  4. To Heidi, kristen has never been pregnant. Can shippers stop with ridiculous rumour like this.

    And by the way kristen signed on these movies way before twi. So it's not like she did them to change her image. It's more appropriate to say she did bella to soften her image.

    I saw welcome to the ridleys in berlin film festival and her performance is outstanding.It's not just ac movie wher she cursed. And most of the review from sundance agree on that is were she has alot to do and she do it well.

    When it comes to the runaways dakota is the leading ladie in the movie and shanon is the movie stealer.

  5. I can't wait for this movie. I'm still amazed that Dakota just turned 16. She is so friggin' talented.

    For the rest of Kristen's acting career they are going to bring up the character Bella and no matter how hard she tries it will always come up. That is the risk an actor takes when playing a role that is so very popular. It amazes me that they didn't think it would be a big deal - has anyone seen the phenomenon surrounding Harry Potter? Weren't the Twilight books already best sellers? Yes, it may be crazier than expected, but it should have been expected. Kristen or anyone else in the cast doesn't have to like it, but they are totally benefiting from being apart of the Twilight Saga.

    I'm a firm believer that Kristen MAY have gotten the role of Joan Jett in the auditioning process, but because of the popularity revolving Twilight she was GIVEN an iconic role of a lifetime. And she and the rest of the cast of Twilight will continue to benefit for their participation in these films.

  6. @ anony 10:29- I know Kristen has never been pregnant!! It was a joke!-(with the pants unbuttoned ect.) in reference to all the ridiculous rumors that surrounded her at the time of filming!!

  7. I hope she got to keep the leather pants, she wears the so much in the runaways they are probably a perfect mold of her butt :-)

  8. @Heidi Ho, this is the anon you replied to the first time that said something about the case of the always unbottoned pants. LOL love your sarcasm haha I was totally gonna make a crack at the prgnancy jabs but you beat me to it. So embarassed the rumour came from my homeland :P


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