February 28, 2010

Things I Thought I'd Never Hear Rob Say In An Interview...

Update: Via ThinkingOfRob - the full YouTubed interview - hurrah!

Rob and Emilie chat to MTV at the Remember Me press junket - I'm really getting that "goofball" side of him through loud and clear, lol!

Via The Lex

- Lorabell

Update: I also noticed in the playlist, Rob talking about Bel Ami...

and Breaking Dawn in 3D...

and about signing on to do Remember Me...

and about judging your own performance *snicker*


  1. I love these interviews...always awesome ^.^

  2. I'll never look at my bra's the same way ever again. LOL! Poor Rob. I love these interviews, though. He seems happy and relaxed. Not so antsy I guess.

  3. :( I can't watch MTV video's.
    Anyone know if their on youtube?

  4. @Alycya: Did you trying playing them? I usually have to turn on my IP blocker for MTV videos but these ones seem fine!
    - Lorabell :)

  5. @Lorabell
    Wow thanks for the youtube video, thats so nice of you!
    How do I turn on my IP blocker?

  6. Great interview- love when Rob is relaxed and not so nervous in interviews- his quirkiness still comes out which I love, but he comes across as an intelligent person too. I like that the way he deals with his nervousness is with a nervous laugh.. I do the same thing, that's the only reason I picked up on it. Too likeable for his own damn good:))

  7. Great interviews. Thanks for posting.


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