February 9, 2010

Taylor's Valentines Premiere

Speed post: via TwiFans

I love this next one! Wish we could see what's on Jamie's camera.


  1. Cute Tay Tay..)) It is nice to see him with such a distinquished group of actors. I think his career will be long and fruitful.

  2. Yay! I was seriously having Tay withdrawals. And sooooo glad he found a new suit. None of thAT jonas brothers style suits please. But I agree @Heidi Ho....except his movie choices lately are scaring me a little. Lorabell said it right, starting to look more like sharkboy than Jason Bourne.

  3. Aww such a cutie ^.^
    Hurry up and turn 18 already, geez HeHe ;)

  4. hahah look at the 14th picture- it looks like that girls hand is in his mouth lol



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