February 7, 2010

Taylor & Kellan Beach Bowl Pics - Nom & Lol!

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Is that the dude (who no one knows is really English) from Gossip Girl? I fricking heart him!

See more at Lion & Lamb Love

Thanks Alycya!

- Lorabell

Update: Oooh and an interview with Taylor care of TwiFans

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  1. My God! Why does Kellan have his shirt on???

  2. Ed Westwick - oh, my!!!

    I always wonder what they get to participate in this celebrity beach bowl or is it suppose to be for charity?

  3. Anyone happens to know who are those girls in the picture with Kellan? And Robin, thats exactly what i was thinking about!! ;) Lorabell, love ur blog, thank you soo much for EVERYTHING!! :)

  4. The girls are Olivia Munn and Marisa Miller.

  5. Where did this take place?? It looks nice and warm:)) Unlike the Northeast where I'm at.

  6. Haha @Robin my thoughts exactly!!


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