February 10, 2010

Summit's NEW Movie With Anna & Bryce...

Summit Entertainment has acquired the rights to the untitled Seth Rogan and James McAvoy project, formally called "I'm With Cancer", scripted by Will Reiser who successfully beat the disease.

Apparently both Bryce and Anna have signed on to star across from Seth in this movie "Betting that laughs can be found in a cancer diagnosis" - check out The Hollywood Reporter for more info.

- Lorabell


  1. I love how Seth Rogan gets to work with some of the hottest stars. How being funny & average or above average doesn't work in real life for women?

  2. I love Seth Rogan, he's so funny XD

  3. Seth rogan is def. Halarious... this shld be good!

  4. Seth is a very funny actor, but is this a drama or a comedy? He can be a serious actor too.

  5. oh my god Seth Rogan is my husband!!! (In alist of about 10 other husbands...including taylor...and johnny depp....and caleb followil...haha)

    But seriously, Ive watched Pineapple Express about 50 times. No joke.

    mathecin:"Wanna wear my vest? smells good"
    other dude: "Its not my style"
    mathecin: "You aint got no style mutha f&%ka"
    ahahahahaha... good times.

  6. Whoa! I LOVE James! Seth is a major cutie! And then Anne and Bryce? WAY Coool!

  7. PS
    I want Anne's top!
    Such a pretty feminine blouse!

  8. AND they are filming in Vancouver!!!!! The ladies will feel right at home in my fair city of Vancouver. They begin filming after the Winter Olympics have ended!


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