February 4, 2010

Runaways Make-up Line?! Plus New Promo Shots...

Is this a US brand I don't know about or is there actually going to be a Runaways make-up line? Because I will be buying that like woah!

I think the KStew/JJett pic on the left is the same spotted at Sundance, but I've not seen the Dakota/Cherrie one before...

Thanks MarieSwan!

Via Coolspotters

- Lorabell


  1. OMG i cant belive Makeup Forever has this,
    its so kool. i love this makeup line.
    im so gonna go buy me sum

  2. MUFE IS THE BEST!!!!!! Such a good makeup line to be doing something with The Runaways. That other makeup line for Twilight was crap.

  3. Great name "Runaways" for a makeup brand, reminds me of good times.

  4. Make-up Forever is a brand of cosmetics, yes. So it looks like they'll have a special "Runaways" promo line. That's cool!

    M.A.C. would have been a MILLION times better though! <3 M.A.C.

  5. I don't think they are going to be any runaways make up. It's just that kristen make up artist the one she has been working with for almost all her movies, is a make up artist for make up forever. So it's look more like they are doing mutual publicity. One for the movie, by having movie poster at the same time one for them. Because they are the one who did the make up for the movie.

  6. I agree with Noela.. A M.A.C. callabo with The Runaways would be amazeballs. I dont wear make up but who cares. haha

  7. love all this blog!

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