February 13, 2010

Rob's Remember Me Vogue Shoot

Click and sigh

I'm both scared and swooned by the "sexplosion" (thanks JennyJerkface) of the Rob PR machine for these movies - Twitter just about melts whenever such nomness occurs :)

- Lorabell


  1. Nom. Lookin good in the second photo.

  2. I don't know why... but I just feel when I see Rob holding Emil's hand that he's cheating on Kristen.

    It's the constant Edward and Bella/Kristen and Rob thing in your face all the time I think. :s

  3. I don't mind the Rob/Emilie photo at all, and I think it's lovely. Hope to see more photoshoots of these two!

    Emilie is talented, smart and gorgeous all on her own, there's really no need to always bring Kristen into the discussion. :S

  4. Norman Jean Roy I'm not as happy with all the photographs for this photoshoot - I'm going to have to wait and see the final product in my hand. I adore the concept, but the photo of them walking they are too far apart. I understand why (you want the backdrop in the pic) - but it makes them seem distant and not as romantic. But the split page photo of them staring at each other is brilliant, I just don't like the light cast, but that could be because of the scan.

  5. They look lovely together. Finally a clean looking girl. Love the fact that she's a bit older than he is.


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