February 2, 2010

Remember Me Press Tour Begins...

Update: Gossip Cop has confirmed that Rob is scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon on either March 1st or 2nd... told ya ;)

Yeeeah, that's what I thought too O_o

...with a trip to The View? Apparently Rob and Emilie are going to be on the show March 2nd.

If you're in NYC, start lining up now...

If you're not in NYC, Pop Sugar are running a competition to win a trip to interview the cast at the premiere - eeek!

Via ROBsessed

- Lorabell

P.s. If you're going to be in NYC but don't win the competition, start anticipating tickets to Letterman and the like yesterday :)


  1. lol!! I cant stop laughing at this. Rob is so incredibly goofy but yummy!!!

  2. Oh Rob I just can't get enought of you, like really I can't get enough . . . don't . . . stop . . .

  3. I love him!!! really!

  4. Such a silvered tongue as his would make an awesome trophy indeed.

  5. HeHeHe so cute ^.^
    Gotta love a guy that can make you laugh ;)

  6. When this came up on my screen, I couldn't stop laughing, Well at least we know he could always play a mental patient!! He really does have some of Jack Nicholson's mannerisms down:)) I don't live in NY, but work there - which means I'll be working and not be able to go to any of the shows:(((

  7. I love goofy Rob. He reminds me of a Rob bobble head. I wonder what he'll do on Jimmy Fallon? The guests always do somthing funny. Can't wait.


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