February 17, 2010

Remember Me Video Behind the Scenes

Speed Post: via Thinking of Rob

They needed someone who "the audience could fall in love with"? Dude, half of the world's population already is!

- Lorabell #TrueStory


  1. First love the speed post!

    That BTS does make me want to see the movie now.

  2. All these great actors and the story--makes me want to see the movie!!
    It will be my b-day the day before this comes out and I'll be in the Dominican soaking up some sun and Vitamin D.. So I'll have to see it when I get back:))

  3. I wish Emilie was not in it and Kristen was instead !!!! I love Rob and Kristen together !!! I hope they do a movie together outside of Twilight saga soon !!!!


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