February 15, 2010

Regal "Victoria" - Bryce Goes Brunette

Bryce's shoot with Patrick Fraser - lovely!

I heart how the top one looks like aristocratic portrait... and (don't hurt me but) I never thought she would remind me so much of Rachelle *ducks and covers*

Via The Vampire Club

- Lorabell


  1. she looks nothing like rachelle! *throws eggs at laura* <3 you really... but still!


  2. Lol, Ellie! Come on, not even a little? Just something about the face...
    - Lorabell ;P

  3. She is a beautiful lady too, like Rachelle. But don't think she looks like her.
    Ha! ha Ellie- don't throw too many eggs we need our twicrack to keep coming:))

  4. She doesn't remind me Rachelle, but I'll keep my eggs, shoes, and what not to myself. Lovely pics!

  5. sorry no, not at all! i find bryce kinda funky looking in comparison. i've nothing against her, i'm sure she'll do a great job as victoria and everything... i love the top photo though it's definitely my favourite.
    haha ok heidi, i shall think of a suitable alternative :)


  6. She does kinda... but only a lil bit.

    - Rachelle will ALWAYS be Victoria.
    - From the leaked picture, you can tell it isn't her.
    - I'm still really annoyed she won't be in it.

    You messed up BIG TIME Summit... BIG TIME!
    *Throws mine and Ellie's eggs*

  7. She kinda looks like Tori Amos to me, at least in the last pic ... I know it's completely irrelevant, but still.

    Don't see the Rachelle similarity, though. But they're both beautiful, so I guess you could say they are similar in that aspect :)

  8. Can't believe I am going to say this...but one of my other guilty pleasures is watching RuPaul's drag race and she looks JUST LIKE one of the queens in these. Not sure who that is insulting...but anyhoo


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