February 8, 2010

BTS KStew Shot on Welcome To The Rileys


I can't wait for all the new Kristen movies to finally come out - WTTR looks phenomenal, then The Yellow Handkerchief and, ofcourse the epic Runaways!

Only Remember Me can save me from such girl crushing :)

Thanks MarieSwan

- Lorabell


  1. <3 kristen! can't wait to see this movie

  2. @ Lorabell, LoL XD
    I can't wait either or for Remember Me ^.^

  3. I'm excited about all her films, but I think I'll wait to see TYH on DVD - only because I can't deal with the accent. I heart me some William Hurt, but it will have to wait.

  4. I'll go see The Runaways, Welcome To The Riley's and Remember Me at the cinema.

    But like TJB I won't go see it, maybe on DVD.
    - It just doesn't have the pull factor for me.

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  6. wtf happened to her mouth?

  7. damn she makes a hot hooker, a little rough around the edges with plenty of goth makeup, just the way I like it... oops, sorry getting carried away!!

  8. Ok this is me being random, but I totally had a dream two nights ago that me and Kristen were friends...stripper friends to be exact. except I think we might have been part time hookers. Lol. Anyways, we were really tight and knew we had to escape the rinky dink of a town we lived in so one day this really rich dude came into town and we decided that we'd lure him and then knock him unconscious and steal his car. aND we did. Kinda think me having looked at this post be fore going to bed caused my dream. hmm

  9. i second the "wtf happened to her mouth".. lol and wow,, i never though Kristen would play in something like this but she is a really talented actress and she takes it very seriously so idc what movie she plays in.. she is still on of my favorite actress's.. :]
    (oh and,, gross!! haha dude.. no one wants to know if you like hookers who wear goth a make up and are a little rough around the edges!))

  10. ugh.. who on earth would wanna tap dat???
    even a hooker i would have better taste
    hahahahahahaha jk jk


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