February 26, 2010

Oooh, New Moon Dvd Menu Images!

Sorry I was slow on the uptake on these - anyone got a translation?

Via NewMoonMovie

- Lorabell


  1. Sounds like italian. Oh I get it, Volterra, Italy.

  2. um, no its portuguese.

  3. yup portuguese...lol...it's similar with italian and spanish i understand the confusion!

  4. Hi... It's portuguese!!!
    Do you want a translation??
    I can do it for you...
    I'm from foforks!!! And I can help you, Lorabell!!!

  5. Do you still need help?? It's Brazilian Portuguese, and I'm a native. Rachel (wime09@hotmail.com)

  6. Yes ppl translate!!! But we can get the idea from the pictures and we all pretty much know what's happening.

  7. Here are the translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English ( sorry if there´s any mistake )

    1-Deleted scenes
    Bella´s birthday cake
    Going home after the party
    Vigil in the woods
    Charlie puts Bella to sleep
    Bob´s motorcycle
    Motorcycle crash
    Bella´s nightmare and the talk with Charlie
    Remembering the meadow
    Mike stays in the movies
    I´m here if you wanna talk
    Conducted by Victoria

    2-Special options
    Commentary from the creator
    Deleted scenes
    Twilight Saga-Eclipse-Sneak Peek


    4-Scene selection

    5-The trip continues
    Life after Twilight
    Chris Weitz on charge
    A look on the production
    It´s not magic
    Ready for the world

    6-Special options

    7-The trip continues - a documentary on 6 parts about New Moon
    TEAM EDWARD x TEAM JACOB - the love triangle
    Meet the wolfpack

    8-Jacob´s transformation
    Edward goes to Italy
    Jacob´s scenes
    Edward´s scenes

    9-Extended scenes
    Volturi Interview
    The soundtrack from New Moon
    Musical video

    10-Extended scenes :
    School hallway
    English class
    Carlisle (does something to *) Bella
    Scrap metal
    Gateway to the movie theater
    The meet with Laurent
    Jake in Bella´s room
    Emily´s house
    Jake takes Bella home
    Leaving to Italy
    Edward meets the Volturi
    I see you´re still alive

    11-Configuration again

    *I couldn´t translate this word "cose" , it means 'boils' in portuguese from what I know , I don´t think Carlisle would do this LOL

    Looking foward to the Deleted and Extended scenes *-*

  8. Great its is really enjoying video, really enjoying full video, Awesome work, Thanks for share this.

  9. *squeel*

    I need a t-shirt that reads, "I swoon for wolves"

  10. well i don't know Portuguesee but i know Spanish, they are somewhat similar... cose in Spanish is sew. so maybe that's what he's talking about. thanks L. it would have taken me forever to try to translate Portuguese to Spanish to English. LOL...

  11. yes cose means sew in enghish :)

  12. Thank you Liza ! I don´t know why they used the word 'cose' , It really doesn´t mean sew in Portuguese


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