February 2, 2010

New/Old Rachelle & Ashely Pics...

Click for bigger... hair
*Love* this shoot - so gorgeous! But, um... is Ashley really taller than Rachelle? When did that happen?!

Via Team Twilight

- Lorabell


  1. Lol. That one picture of Alice on her knees holding that one guy's hand reminds me of the Bazaar shoot with R&K.

  2. LMFAO. Totally had a brain fart. I meant Ashley (x

  3. Amazing shoot - gloriously done. I'm jealous of those photo skills

  4. wow. rachelle is so beautiful!
    love her hair, eyes and pale skin :)
    a perfect vampire :D

  5. Ashley in jeans and a tee looks more beautiful than I've EVER seen her. And Rachelle is always so pretty and photogenic!

  6. dude, i'm glad this big hair is in style, cuz that's totally how i look when i wake up. rock on

  7. em, i think she's on her toes. cause in a pic further down rachelle looks taller. it's the one whit ashley and rachelle standing with her back to the camera. the one where ashley looks taller she kind of looks very stiff, as if standing on her toes.. :)


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