February 16, 2010

New/Old Ashley Pic - Gorgeous 50's Glam!


I'm a bit of a fan of 50's fashion and just think Ashley looks amazing here in a "vintage" shot for StopStaring.com - this is practically begging for someone to write a fanfic about ;)

Thank you Chaotic Nataly

- Lorabell

Update: I just found a couple more shots on the site - how did I miss these?!


  1. Jeebus I love that look from the 50's as well. I adore the pink dress she is modeling.

    Ahem, Lorabell why don't you write the fanfic.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. She really could wear anything and look lovely.

  3. Hello Betty Boob pin up girl!! I have always said, she should stick with modeling, she is amazing at modeling, just has that "it" factor. Love the pink dress and it's one of my favorite colors:))

  4. That actually looks a bit more 40s...

  5. Yeah I agree the look is more 40'ish. I love the 40'ish style, it's just so feminine. She looks gorgous! :-)


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