February 25, 2010

New Yellow Handkerchief Clip

Suggestions for "Southern accent Stew" anyone?

Via FierceBitchStew <- Ironic, no?

- Lorabell


  1. I love southern, bitchy Kstew! And kudos to her for actually sounding southern! I so want to see this movie, it looks really interesting and I really like William Hurt in movies.

  2. She does not sound southern!! AT ALL!! a little twang comes and goes, but unfortunately she doesn't keep it constant.:(( Don't shoot me KS lovers- I still like her she just doesn't do everything great!! Sorry.

  3. Heidi Ho - Well, Rob doesn't sound American - AT ALL!! and goes, but unfortunately he doesn't keep it constant.:((

  4. I dub thee: sookieSTEW!!! LOL

    Yeah, I guess her accent may not be spot on, but she's doing a better southern accent than I ever!

    Her voice REALLY reminds me of Sookie Stackhouse here though! LOL

    Rob had a few British slip-ups in Twilight -- not sure he had enough lines in New Moon for me to notice any accent slips there, but then I've only seen New Moon twice so far.

    I will never forget how British Rob sounded in Twilight when Edward and Bella were outside and she's washing her truck.....Edward invites her to his house, and she wonders 'what if they don't like me', and then Edward said, 'so you're *WORRIED* not that you'll be in a house full of vampires....' And when he said "WORRIED" it was a full on British accent! It makes me smile everytime. :D

    What do you guys think about Eddie Redmayne's accent here? He's also British, doing a southern accent........

  5. As a southern girl, I mean really southern girl like i can stick my toe in the gulf from my porch, I think The accent is terrible. which really kills me 'cause I love me some KStew! but really the girl needs to bring it down a notch its just not natural to me.

  6. her accent is bad. it kind of makes me laugh because i think it sounds so stupid.

  7. The accent isn't bad. I'm a Louisiana girl and it's pretty accurate for the area. The accent is spot on for the North Louisiana, Southern Arkansas, East Texas Area (Ark-La-Tex as the locals call it.) This was probably filmed near Shreveport, La. and that's where she picked it up. It isn't Georgia, it isn't Mississippi, it isn't New Orelans or Cajun Lousiana accent- Those are all very different.


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