February 25, 2010

New Runaways Set Photo

Thanks RollingStone - love your work ;)

Via KStew411

- Lorabell


  1. The actors practically look like clones of the originals, espec. the last one.

    I wish the other actresses were being put out there too seems unfair for it to be 'The Kstew and Dkota Film'.

  2. OMG*_* I didn't know Joan was so UGLY back in the day? on these pics Kristen doesn't look that much like Joan, but on other pics she does.
    totally stoked for this movie

  3. @Alycya they don't really focus on Sandy, Lita "Kiss Ass" Ford, and Peggy because of some legal mumbo gumbo. So the movie is basically about Joan and Cherie and it's based of Cherie's book.

    I didn't find that out about the other three and why didn't focus on them until Joan's Interview magazine article. It made me feel a little better because I adore Lita and love what she did for women as well in rock 'n roll.

    Regardless that they didn't focus on them that much I hope the actresses get to do some press for the film.

  4. Wow amazing resemblence- with the exception of KS being much thinner than JJ. If that's even possible.


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