February 23, 2010

New Runaways Pic!

Click for leather pants...*Ring ring*... *Ring ring* Hi, Lorabell? I just wanted tell you... Dakota's got nothing on you.

Eeek - I am sooo stoked for this movie!!!

Thanks Irene :)

- Lorabell


  1. Rob may quite possibly jizz his pants watching this movie. Hot musician millionaire rock chick with a supermodel body who just happens to be his girlfriend. He will never need porn again. Lucky bastard!

  2. Everyone's so excited for 'Remember Me,' as I am; but I'm actually more excited and antsy to see 'Runaways.'

    I'm pretty sure I love Kstew as much as you do :) Anyway... found a new Runaways clip I haven't seen before and as far as know, don't think its been posted here.


    I think this is going to be the role in which Kristen proves her acting chops to all her hardcore critics, no doubt. Oh and Dakota's gonna blow us outa the water!

  3. Kris looks so bad ass!

    Luxie, checked out your link. So that's when Joan and Cherie meet? What does Kris (Joan) say in the clip?


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