February 9, 2010

"New" Remember Me Trailer With Extra Nom :)

I don't know what's new footage and what's not - what I do know is that this movie is going to end me!

Thanks FePattz

- Lorabell

P.s. NOM - thanks @Melainii


  1. I'm dying here - I can't believe I let you make me fall the glory that is Rob again. I also can't believe I keep forgetting this movie is PG-13 and I don't like that.

  2. hmm this movie looks okay, the storyline doesn't look all that captivating, but will I pass up a chance at see Mr. RPattz on the big screen looking all sexylicious?? HELL no!! ;)

    and I could be wrong.. it could turn out to be an amazing movie. I'm just judging from the previews (which idk if thats such a good thing to do LOL.)

  3. I have to agree. If I wasn't already planning on seeing this movie just because Rob's in it I would have seen the trailer and been like..."wtf is THAT movie about?"

  4. i hate to admit it, but i would probably watch any movie with Rob in it. Im just SMITTEN! lol..even though some of them have been a little less then spectacular. IM ITCHIN for some ECLIPSE INFO!! When will they post the trailer for that we only have 4 months to go. I kind of like the secrecy, but im dying for something.

    Please vote for me (contest I entered)

  5. Okay, Lorabell is trying to kill us this week hehe ;) All this hottness is too much ;)

  6. I think the best preview they have had so far was in the theater's for NM, but I think the story is a very good one and will come across well, whether your a fan of Rob's or not.:))
    The other actors in the movie are first class acts in my book.

  7. Jeez...she doesn't let go of his fantastic jaw in either one of those shots. Not that I blame her. I would latch on to those puppies and never let go.

  8. I think I've been hypnotized... I cannot stop watching... UNF


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