March 1, 2010

New Remember Me Stills

I think I've seen this one before?

I used to work in this building when I was at NYU :) ---^

Just me or does Rob have his script on him an awful lot in set pics from this flick?

Via Lion_Lamb

- Lorabell

Update: Thanks to Irene who sent in this Remember Me clip uber video:


  1. Thanks for the post:)) I think I have officially seen the movie now, and with the taping of all the interview/promo's this week in NY it will be a done deal:)) I still see it at the theater to put it all together.

  2. I will have tears in my eyes before I even get into the theater to see RM. This is going to be such a good movie! :)

    Sigh...only a couple of weeks left.

  3. That scene with Tyler and his dad is great :D

  4. Don't think we've ever heard Rob yell like that before.. that scene looks intense. Cannot wait too see this movie.. for realz!

  5. I think he has his script on set a lot because he worked and changed it a lot during the movie. He changed the lines to fit him and Tyler more. :) So i think that's why :)



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