February 27, 2010

New Behind The Scenes Video?

This looks to me like rehearsing Victoria's scene in the woods for NM - you know, when she's bounding through the trees? <--- I fricking heart that bit!

But the video's titled "Eclipse" so maybe it's Bryce?

Or it could be neither! What do you think - yay or neigh?

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. it says Eclispe behind the scenes? i though that was Bryce? :S im so confusled right now?

  2. Hmmm either way it looks like fun lol ;)

  3. I'm guessing it is Twilight.
    How many people do this in the woods?
    And be called Eclipse?
    And do behind the scenes?

  4. Looks like Eclipse to me. Look at all those rocks as in cliff face! There wasn't that many large boulders in the NM forest scenes.

  5. Looks liket Eclipse- either way- I would want to be on the trapeez looks like fun.. I'm sure after the 10-12th take it would get old..


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