February 2, 2010

More BTS of Kristen & Anna's VF Shoot..

Can anyone hear what song Kristen's on about?

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. that Abbie Cornish or whatever her name is is a total biznatch-diva... just shows how awesome and chill KStew is in comparison. I feel bad for her though for having to deal with this chick.

  2. Can't hear the song cuz Abby or whoever she is asks for the next song to be played talking over it:((

  3. Ok, yeah i agree with Anon 6:53, Abby whatsherface is a straight up beezy. Cant hear the song except for its kind of a more upbeat (hate to use that word)blues song if that makes sense. Also, did anyone notice the lack of diversity in this issue? Apparently young hollywood is all white. I mean dont get me wrong I love some of the choices but What happened to Frieda Pinto, Gabby Sidibe.... Its kind of sad. what a pale, pale, cover.

  4. Can't hear what song Kristen's talking about, but I think I hear Rob's "Stray Dog" at 1'26"-1'29". :)

  5. @TayTayLove

    I agree with you, that there's defiantly are talented non-white actresses like Gabourey Sidibe who should of been on the cover also.

    However what I don't agree with is your decision to add 'pale, pale, cover'. Yes, some of these girls may be pale but the context of which you are talking in is just plain rude to me. That just because their all white it's suddenly a boring and colourless cover. Please keep that type of language to yourself.

  6. Disappointed in Annie Leibovitz and Vanity Fair, a combination usually made in heaven. Comparing this Hollywood issue to past ones, this looks like a thrown together, badly-thought out issue. I love (most) of the actresses pictured, and I do think we could have done with some less "mainstream" new talent.

    However, since Kristen is in her Nuns with Guns hoodie, I can allow all of that to slide. ;) I'm so in love with that hoodie!

  7. let's all twitter spam Ryan Seacrest to find out what song Kristen loves. Then let's take over Abby's next premiere and play it on repeat. LOUD.

  8. I couldn't get that small blip of song she liked. Seacrest would know it.
    Usually VF chooses more obscure, newer, young actors.
    BUT ABBY CORNISH? R U KIDDING? She's the "other woman" in the Reese Witherspoon-Ryan Phillipe affair. She came off as a snobby, entitled, bitter, brat. I love how she's "uncomfortable" sitting at K-Stew's feet-10 years her senior and K-Stew is "girl of the moment". Bitter party of one? What sucks 4 the others is that Abby got the MONEY shot on the cover next to Kristen when it should have been ANY other girl there.

  9. Urgh eff of Abbie.

    1. She's been around since the early 00's - so she's not 'up and coming talent'.

    2. Of the few films that are recognisable you don't even know she's in them until you wiki it (even when you've seen the film!).


    4. She's boring and a waste on the cover, should of have someone else.


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