February 21, 2010

Live Tweets from BAFTA Red Carpet with Lorabell!

Update: Watch the Live Stream -

A lil red carpet Rob in honor of the BAFTAs as the lovely @Lorabell is going to be live tweeting - follow her and friends @KStewsButt @VampireFreak101 @RobStenLovex @RespectKStewx

P.s. ROBsessed found a potential Live Stream for the BAFTA red carpet *fingers crossed*

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  1. Oh Em Gee Lorabell.
    This is soo awesome, hope you get a good view of the stars.

    When the Golden Globes were on it took me ages to find a live-stream and it meant it was on at the wee hours of the morning.
    But as it's the BAFTA's it's at a normal time of 9:00pm and just a flick of the channel, BBC. YAY!


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