February 1, 2010

Inside RPattz's FAME Comic

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TwiMoonlighter's May issue of FAME featuring Rob was revealed on MTV today with this new cover and inside peak!

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- Lorabell


  1. - I'm sorry but these drawing are awful and mediocre.
    - In the second picture in the top right hand corner Rob looks like he has some spot condition on his chin while his forehead is swollen.
    - And if anyone says the picture below (him as Edward) looks like him... lord!

  2. ... I have to agree with Alycya. Who knows though, maybe the other pages are better?

  3. Have to agree with all. The second picture middle looks like Nick cage to me!! Certainly not the same attraction as Rob..

  4. P.S Not sure about this whole comic thing anyway!! Why can't they just make books with the real person, Comic books are for fictional characters not actors!!

  5. LOL, it's just lame.


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