February 22, 2010

Guess what.. another Remember Me clip! Who want's a Panda?

I'd whip out my best *KStew eye roll* at this if it wasn't so fricking adorkable - I gotta agree with Team Twilight that I totally flashed back to - How To Be "Come on, I'm dominating!" - oh lol!

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm also kinda loving how small his hands make those basketballs look *smirk*


  1. Awwh can't view the video:(( It's ok I've already seen way too much of this movie, what will be left to see at the movies?:))

  2. Oh, I think they're just small balls. (TWSS)

  3. I have a feeling RP would be as uncoordinated in real life ... and I love that.

    lol activistgirl, hehe 'small balls'

  4. LOL "come on, i'm dominating!!!" that is seriously my favourite Rob line. EVER. in life.

  5. There must be like 5 minutes of the film left.


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