February 10, 2010

Did I post this before? Um... yeah I don't care *drool*

Speed post: Via OK

Above: Twilight's Kellan Lutz has stripped off for Calvin Klein

ABOVE: New Moon actor Kellan Lutz has been overshadowed by Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

ABOVE: But now Eclipse's Kellan Lutz is firmly in the limelight

ABOVE: Kellan Lutz had us drooling in this video

ABOVE: We particularly like this arty black-and-white shot of Kellan Lutz's yumminess


  1. Yeah, you can't get enough of that hehe ;)

  2. eww...exhibionist and narcist...Just sell muscle no brain

  3. Glad Kellan is getting some attention.

  4. I always get a gay vibe from this dude.

  5. I can't listen to him. I just can't. He seems to have all the ingredients, but he just isn't sexy to me. Nice guy for sure, but he seems vapid and devoid of depth. You can say what you want about Coughwick, but Kellan was the only actor That was forced on her by SM... And listening to him, I can see why she didn't want him. Again, Nice guy, but too Chippendale-ish for my taste.

  6. he is in hilary duff's music video 'with love'


    tamar :)


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