February 7, 2010

David Tweets Edwardy Eclipse :)

*Cough*LEG-HITCH*coughcough* oh, excuse me :)

Thanks JillEBean

- Lorabell


  1. Oh PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE....have the "leg hitch"!

  2. "His hand curved around my elbow, moving slowly down my arm, across my ribs and over my waist, tracing along my hip and down my leg, around my knee. He paused there, his hand curling around my calf. He pulled my leg up suddenly, hitching it around his hip. I stopped breathing. This wasn't the kind of thing he usually allowed. Despite his cold hands, I felt suddenly warm. His lips moved in the hollow at the base of my throat."

    Ohhhh God. Kill. Me. Now.

  3. Gah, yes!!! Pleeeease lol :)
    @ Irene, are you trying to kill me hehe ;)
    I love that scene *sigh*

  4. if there is no leg hitch, david is gonna get murdered by a horde of angry women. fact.


  5. I don't think the leg hitch is coming in the movie.. It's a great part but I didn't even remember it until Irene wrote the scene..

  6. yay :) you're welcome. I wonder how many tweets he's getting to see if we can at least get another movie still to hold us over lol. it's so odd though.. bc.. even though we're not getting any video or stills (besides the one still in the meadow), whenever he tweets about updates, i feel a sense of calmness to hold me over. LOL.. the lack of Eclipse stuff is driving me bonkers! ahhhhhh You know.. I think we even got more pictures from on set stuff during filming from New Moon than Eclipse. Why are they keeping this one so much more hush hush?

  7. Also, what do they mean by adding more Edward? He was in Eclipse, a lot lol ^.^ Must mean picking certain scenes :) Good ones I hope *wink wink* ;)

  8. Like I said before-better not be cutting too much.. make this a damn good movie already.. David's just baiting us with his tweets to keep us dangling...like a bunch of hmm....

  9. David tweeted last week that he had sent the
    first cut to powers that be. Guess he got it
    back with orders to add Edward scenes that
    he had left out.


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