February 1, 2010

Behind the scenes - Young Hollywood VF shoot

See more lovely at Vanity Fair :)

- Lorabell


  1. What's up with Kristen looking like a boy in this shoot?

    I miss her Bella look and long locks.

    Anna looks FAB! Go Anna!

  2. Awwh Kristen doesn't look like a boy. Hair does not define who someone is... She's not Bella- I think she looks better with longer hair, but the hair always grows back and it is. She just needs to have better posture-she always looks so casual that even with a pretty dress- the tom-boy in her still shines through.
    Anna- is cute- I'm glad at least one of the cast members doesn't have to talk about Rob at every event...

  3. I'm not to happy about this class of 2010 VF shoot. But Anne is an amazing photographer and the shoot looks amazing, the styling is perfect!

    I'll read the article and drool over the awesomeness of Anne's photography, but I'll internally fume over what is not in the class of 2010.

  4. 1. Wow Anna looks stunning in this.

    2. And Kristen... though she is beautiful herself (major girl crush!)
    I have to admit she does stand out here as none-girly.
    - But then against that's Kristen!
    - All the others just blend into one creamy peachy coloured photograph coz of their dress and hair colours.

  5. Kstew is stunning her!Glad they stay true on what her fashion is...

  6. i love kristen she's so different from the typical hollywood mould and confident despite this


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