February 3, 2010

Awww - New Toddler Rob Pic?

Too. Dang. Cute!

I agree this doesn't look like other pics we've seen - perhaps this is Rob's secret love child*** - who's the other half of that gene pool?

The expression is so spot on though and I am digging the doo *melts*

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell

*** of course it's not his love child - that's how rumours start, people ;)


  1. Are you sure that's Rob? Every pic I've seen from just a toddler to a schoolboy had very, very blonde hair. I'd check your sources on this one....

  2. the girl who posted it on Twifans said in reply to one comment she took it from some website where they had stars and their childhood pictures... but as others commented- and i agree- i don't think this is Rob...

  3. The kid looks nothing like Rob.

  4. I'm no photography expert, but would a 22-ish year old non-digital picture really look that good? That was my only qualm - but Rob or not, that kid's a cutie-pie!

  5. Aww if it's Rob or not, either way the baby is a cutie ^.^

  6. not him IMO... because the other pictures of him even older have him a toe headed blond boy.... and as a former toe headed blond turned dishwater blonde, his hair would still be lighter

  7. No, I don't think it's Rob either. His hair is too dark. But wouldn't Kristen and Rob make beautiful children together? You bet !!!!!

  8. The pic looks too clear and sharp for it to be an 80's pic.
    Especially when you look at the others their more grainy.


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