February 15, 2010

Ashley BTS Interview Shoot - Hummana Wow!

I know Ashley's pretty but I forget just how gorgeous she is - these pics kinda make me think of how Vamp Bella should be - all dark glossy hair and red lips :)

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. you would know this was an interview photo shoot. love it!

  2. All I could think of when I saw this was "The Crow" - Interview is obsessed with this style. I adore the bracelet.

  3. @TJB: good call on The Crow - woah, flash back!
    - Lorabell x

  4. Love the blurred look it really makes the shot a quality shot.

  5. I was totally thinking the same exact thing when I first saw these pictures. She looks very Vampy! Love them!
    Twired Jen

  6. So, Where Exactly are the people who were going by "anonymous" and claimed she can only do shoots in which she has to be naked and sell her self soow cheap?? COME HERE AND LOOK HOW GORGEOUS SHE IS and that with her Clothes on ;)

    I looove those pictures shee is sooow preeeetty *___*


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