February 20, 2010

Another Remember Me Clip... Yep... For Reals

Via Lion&LambLove


  1. Summit need to stop and learn how to market films.
    And this is not the way to do it.
    Less is more people!

  2. If Suck-mit keep going like this, we'll have the clip of the credits at the end, too.
    I can't wait for this movie, but I wouldn't like to see it ALL before it comes out.
    @Alycya, I agree with you!

  3. They did the same thing with New Moon....I srsly had to put my foot down when they released the break up scene!

  4. I'm afraid that they are going to do this with Eclipse.

    Summit doesn't do this (on purpose or secretly) with the other movies that they put out. I feel they are trying to hard - the Rob fans are going to come to see him. RM won't make Twilight money, but I'm sure between the screen and DVD release Summit will make their money back and then some.

  5. I agree with all above- before it was just a quick snippet of I have my deserts first, now we see practically the whole scene. Very poor marketing:((


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