February 11, 2010

Another New Remember Me Clip!

Remember Me Exclusive Clip

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

Via MySpace - thanks Sean, TJ and Irene :)

- Lorabell


  1. ohmygawd, Rob looks so delicious in the intro scene...Remember Me will rock our world on March 12 !!!


  2. With all these scenes being released I have less and less desire to see this film in the theater. I think I'm just going to watch it when it comes on DVD. Or just let the world tell me everything that happened in the film.

    The pull that is the glory of Rob is gone for me now. There was no book to suck me into the characters, no real life individuals I worshiped (or still do), nor a story line that I'm just dying to see on the big screen. Also, it's PG-13 - how hot could it be?

  3. well, to each his own. i dont mind the clips, at all. i love the script, i love the reviews of those who have seen the test screenings and i'm very very excited to see Rob act it out outside the twilight box.

    so bring on the clips and the pics and i will be there on March 12 :))

  4. We have seen just about 4 minutes of clips from an almost 2 hr movie. not bad.

    and how can we deny the gorgeousness of a certain Mr. Pattinson?!


  5. This is another new clip that just came out:


    Isn't it March yet?


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