January 20, 2010

No Valentine's Sweetheart for Carlisle?


Team Twilight snapped this pic at Walmart of a variation on last year's sparkly Sweethearts.

Each box has a different message from your fave Twi-guy:

You’re my Valentine, but Edward has my heart.

You’re my Valentine, but Jasper rules my heart.

You’re my Valentine, but Jacob has my heart.

You’re my Valentine, but my love for Emmett is strong.

Although you're out of luck if you're Team Carlisle #MerchandiseFail

P.s. I want these in chocolate. K? Thanks.


  1. Where the one that says, "You're my Valentine, but FELIX can stare into my blue eyes with his crimson eyes any day and say hot stuff like, 'the girl comes with us' as long as I'm the girl he's referring to." ?!? Huh?!? Where's that one? I want THAT ONE!!! LOL!!! Happy 29th Birthday, Daniel Cudmore!!!

  2. I went on a cussing rant in the middle of Walmart yesterday when I realized there weren't any Carlisle hearts. Lame.

  3. I am going to get one of these for my fiance. He loves Twilight as much as I do and I can only imagine the look on his face when he reads what they say. I do wish they had Carlisle though because he is the one I would have gotten for him.


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