January 6, 2010

Who's the Twi-tot cutie?

Oh those wild eyes, that wide smile - gotta give a guy extra sparkle points for rocking red-roos!

Guesses in the suggestions? Or click HERE (which, incidentally I'd not seen before) if you wanna cheat ;)

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. Do I spy with my little eye Jackson Rathbone?? Or at least I think. The description you gave sounds about right. Wild eyes and a wide smile. Well, whoever it is, they are adorable!!!

  2. i didn't know he used to be a disney channel interviewer...lol, i think thats how you would say it, anyways, its nice to see he's gone a long way from those days.

  3. Totally Jackson. Such a cutie!


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