January 2, 2010

Who's coming to the People's Choice Awards?

*Nom*, *nom* and *n-...awww, look at iddy biddy Taywor*!

Sources say that both Taylor and Kellan are confirmed to appear at the People's Choice Awards, aired live on CBS on Jan 6th from the Nokia Theatre in LA.

Here's hoping:

a) Rob turns up too all red-carpet lushness

b) Kristen turns up all bad-ass hair and killer legs

c) They... don't come as a couple *ducks and covers* sorry Robsteners, I realize it's unlikely but still, it would break my lil' heart :(

d) Someone brings along some fricking Eclipse footage already!

You can vote for our Twilight Nominees here!

- Lorabell

P.s. Is there a reason Jackson wasn't in the shoot for this pic? I mean, really - fail!


  1. AfrikkinMen to the Eclipse footage!!! There has to be something ready at this point.

  2. Have you ever notice that most of the time Jackson isn't in a lot of pictures.

  3. It's okay Lorabell. I love Rob and Kristen being together, but for some reason I want their relationship to be kept private. It just makes it that much special. (:

    P.s. I wish I could drive cause I'd definitely be in the front of that PCA line if I had the chance.

  4. I say: All of the above ^.^
    Yeah, I want some Jackson photoshoots, he's always in hiding LoL...which I guess we can't blame him LoL ^.^

  5. This is the year of legal - I keep saying to myself, next month, next month, next month and my mind can wander. Now if it actually will I don't know, but it can if I want to on that glorious day in February.

    If you have no clue what I'm writing about, maybe that is a good thing.

  6. @TJB: Don't worry - we're all with you ;)
    - Lorabell x

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