January 6, 2010

Whoohoo - Sparkly Twi-dolls?! It's about time :D

Is Jasper's bouffant making his head look so big or does his body just look way skinny?

NECA toys are releasing these new (literally sparkling!) New Moon dolls in April - a much better AND a sparkly version of Edward, Jasper (I wonder if his eyes of golden or black?!) and a totes buff Jacob - I'll take it *nom*

You can pre-order your here :)

Dreadcentral.com via NewMoonMovie

- Lorabell


  1. I saw these on twitter earlier today and I was hoping it was just my office monitor that was making Edward's shirt disco blue. Nope. Still that bright on my home monitor. Other than that, HUGE improvement over NM Guidoward. I had to assure my Twilight Pocket Edward that it's still him...it's always been him, though. LOL!

    17 forever

  2. The Jasper and Jacob one looks suprisingly quite similar. They keep messing up on Edward's face though. It looks nothing like fuckhott Rob (;

  3. Those are some hot dolls LoL ^.^

  4. TW-ow! They actually sparkle?!? I am so there. LOL

  5. Um, since that Jacob doll will be released in April I'll be scoring a couple. I mean he will officially be legal then. Thank Jeebus.

    Yes, I'm a gross monkey - sorry y'all!

  6. http://www.facebook.com/?filter=nf#/profile.php?id=100000572094093January 7, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    The Jasper one os freaky looking.


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