January 7, 2010

What went down at the People's Choice Awards...

First, the winners:

Taylor for Favourite Breakout Movie Actor

Paramore for Favourite Rock Band

Twilight for Favourite On Screen Team

Twilight for Favourite Movie

The Twilight Sage for Favourite Franchise

(and Taylor Swift for Favourite Female Artist ;) I'm including by association)

And losers :(

Rob lost out to Johnny Depp for Favourite Movie Actor

Kristen lost our to Sandra Bullock for Favourite Movie Actress

Now, Twi-lights:

Taylor -

and more Taylor -

Kellan -

New Moon parody:

Thanks to FePattz

Watch more, including a backstage video with Kellan that I can't embed, HERE

- Lorabell


  1. oooo that was awesome! I love it! I love Taylor. He's so cute and gracious!

    Queen L. cracked me up :)

  2. Another Ms. TCA post?

    Thanks to the TCA's for posting the People's Choice vids - I missed it and now I get to watch the best stuff thanks to y'all.

  3. Aww I was sad that Rob and Kristen didn't win :( I love Sandra and Johnny too, they're awesome and deserve it :) They're all great ^.^

  4. The spoof could be found here:


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