January 14, 2010

What made PFach cry?!

Why so sullen, Carlisle Cullen?

Apparently shooting a world-wide smash-hit movie franchise, a hit TV show, various press engagements, being Mr Twitter and a family can be tiring - who knew?!

According to StarPulse, Peter's busy schedule caught up with him at a recent taping:

Peter Facinelli plays the vampire Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight saga, and Dr. Fitch Cooper on TV's Nurse Jackie. The second season of the show shot at the same time as the third film. Bouncing back and forth exhausted Facinelli so much that it led to a bravura emotional performance on the show.

"The scene where I was crying with Akalitus came out of me just being emotionally exhausted," Facinelli said. "It wasn't written that I was crying and all of a sudden in the middle of the scene I broke down and started crying. It felt right for the scene. I did takes that I wasn't crying in but they felt like because there was all this heavy emotions going on that it really worked for the scene. I think it was just me getting off an airplane having three hours of sleep and just being that vulnerable that it hit me that hard. I enjoyed doing both projects at the same time."
This is the same guy who spent crazy hours making sure he got to meet everyone at Fort Lewis, WA and doubled up a shift at London Film and Comic Con to make it up to fans when he'd missed his flight - when does he even have time to Tweet?!

He can't be this sparkly... he not pick up his socks in real life or something!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. Awwhh!! Life can catch up with us, when we least expect it. Damn this shows us that he is human after all and not our beloved Carlisle the vamp. Made my donation to the Haiti relief- help out folks it's only 5 bucks ppl. the cost of a cup of coffee- give what ya can to help. PF is with the Will-i-am haitian fund. Good on ya PF.

  2. oops meant Wyclef- not Will-i-am.

  3. I love Peter, he seems so nice and like he really cares about his fans.
    The best thing is, HE KEEPS HIS COMMITMENTS and goes above and beyond to do things for others. Love it!

    His younger co-starts could learn a thing or two from him.

  4. It's okay PFach, we all need a good cry every once in a while.


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