January 14, 2010

Twilighters for Haiti relief...

After an earth-quake in Haiti - reaching 7.0 on the Richter scale (as well as severe after shocks) in the darkness of night - maybe the most compassionate man ever (for reals!) that is PFach, Tweet to help relief.

The awesomeness bloggy-buds who are Thinking Of Rob got a shout out in the emmer effing LA Times blog for their commitment to the efforts:

Various tweeple and bloggers in the gossip and "Twilight" fan communities (@ThinkingofRob is on fire with updates) are urging donations to the Canadian Red Cross and elsewhere.
Via NewMoonMovie

- Lorabell


  1. He's just awesome. And so are all of the bloggers and tweeple who are doing what they can for this... And yes I feel guilty because all of my tweets today were about JJ's NM-related poop-jokes. Uh, I am gonna have to work on that...

    : )

  2. Thanks for posting Lorabell- PF is a great advocate for helping the charity causes. Love it when ppl with connections,power do what they can to support the less fortunate. It's a terrible tragedy for a country that didn't have very much to begin. And we worry about the color of a car in a movie!! We need to adjust our thinking at times..

  3. This earthquake is horrendous, these poor people.
    1/3 of the population have no food, clean water, shelter, medical care or any sanitary conditions. And not to mention these people already live in poverty and now have lost the little they had.

    If you can donate please do, even if it's only $/£10 it will make a difference.

    @lieke_rietjens That's super!


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