January 2, 2010

Twi-Merch gone mad :/

Nope, that's not candy... nope, they're not stickers either... nu uh, not even trading cards - it's... gum *shakes head*

Being sold in Brazil... the only redemption would be if they taste like sparkly vampire - unlikely :/

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. cute.. but where is the David Slade New Year's gift? :(

  2. @Lieke_rietjens: I was *just* thinking the same thing!
    - Lorabell :(

  3. I adore this - I feel like I'm in the midst of my teen years, where something that was popular was crazily merchandised to death. Come on I bought "New Kids on the Block" gum and lollipops when I was young. Why not buy "Twilight" gum in my 30's?

  4. Is it bad that I would buy it?

  5. And somebody knows when they came to Argentina, the chewing gum?
    Good very good blog =), I would like to visit the mine and follow him if they like!
    Is: Robpattinson-ec.blogspot.com
    Kisses ♥

  6. Well, I've purchased everything else so bring on the gum! :)

  7. these kinda os merch are very popular here in Brasil. There's always some gum about the popular thing among teens and kids. The best part is the little add on the box that say that the gum will paint your thonge green!
    I fell kinda of weird about see this on a international blog since I haven´t seen the gum in stores here in Brasil...

  8. I bought it , couldn´t resist . They taste really bad and your whole mouth turns green LOL

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