January 24, 2010

Uber Sundance PicSpam!

Update: And a mini-interview with MTV via Twilightish:

This one's my fave :)

Take your pick and click for bigger... NB: The woman in blue is Runaways director, Floria Sigismondi

Loving the Bowie tee, Dakota. Kristen, I'm really not feeling the panther as much - no matter how much you knot it... love the jacket though ;)

Via Lion_Lamb *bows down*

Thanks Irene!

- Lorabell

P.s. That last one? Noooot so much!


  1. I think that Kristen's tee is a message! I just don't know what it is... "Hey all you cougars, stay away from my man!" or something like that?? Maybe? Something about Edward's preference for mountain lions and...her?! I'm gonna keep mulling this over... [hehe]

    : )

  2. I always love to them happy ^.^

  3. I love Kristen cougar tee :D
    But who is that woman in the blue blouse??

  4. Just can't get over that gal!

    I'd love the mountain lion T theories to be true ^^^, but I'm sure it's all cooked up by the studio to keep idiots like us talking ;)

    A friend on facebook was at the show and has a super cute pic of his kid with Kristen...

  5. The one that you chose as your fave is really beautiful. But I just cannot get past how horrible Kristen's hair is.

  6. Oh our dear Kristen- she needs time to refocus how she wants to talk about each movie she done- you can see it's all there mulling around in her pretty little head, but getting it out into full comprehending sentence seems to be a work in progress!! I can relate completely, but I'm not being interviewed for the world to see:))
    @snarkier than you- I like your "Theories" about the T-shirt. I think you might be on to something. (Do you like my PUN!)or like @TwiGuy said- it's just a t-shirt that she wore and we obsessed crazy ppl don't have a life!!(in so many words):))

  7. Her T-shirt says "Florida Panthers" if you zoom in close in one of the pics.

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