January 1, 2010

"Robsten" spotting in UK!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Aaaannnddd... go nuts :) Happy fricking New Year!

Thanks Shraddha and Ellie via FieceBitchStew

- Lorabell

NB: My sources say they've these weren't taken in London but on an isle (Esme) off the coast - judging from these pics, it looks likely location wise - thanks LolyPop82

P.s. This little girl needs to put a coat on - it's freezing out!


  1. OMG!! It's a happy day in Robsten Land! :D Thank you and Happy New Year to all!

  2. it defo is. My uncle's holiday home is just across the road above the shops. i was there during the summer :)

    Love that they went there. Amazing :D

  3. oh and Happy New Year everyone xo

  4. I didn't know KStew was in the country too!?
    Aww cute.
    If they were in London and I walked down the street and saw them I'd die. lol

  5. okay, but... why are they, together, in UK? :>

  6. what could they be doing together in london ? maybe eachother ;) ?

  7. Apparently it's Ventnor on the Isle of Wight? http://ventnorblog.com/2009/12/31/twilight-stars-spotted-in-ventnor/
    Kristen looks sweet!

  8. Holy cow, they look COLD. And KStew smiled!! I can't believe she smiled! LOL

  9. Happy New Year everyone!!!
    Together, not together, I, don't care! I'm just happy to see kristen having a good time for the holiday, far away from the crazyness (papz, etc.).I wish them happiness and success this 2010.

    P.S: paparazzi don't bother them now, or i'm gonna kick your *ss!

  10. aww... cute
    i love kristen her smile :)
    happy new year

    p.s: Is Kristen's hair again brown ?

  11. I wish Robsten would just "come out".
    hope they get some pap-free time. Kstew is one lucky girl whether she knows it or not!

  12. So happy they escaped the paps! I hope they are enjoying their well-deserved time off! Have a feeling they are going to need all the rest they can get right now because the next year is going to be another crazy one.

  13. Ummmm...who wouldn't be smiling??

  14. i am so so happy 4 them!!!!
    i can't believe they are together!!!
    why is kstw in london if they were not together???can anybody aswer??i am so glad they are dating!!!wowwwwww!!it is THE BEST christmas present EVER!!!

  15. that little girl is SOO FREAKING CUTE! Look at her cute little smile! Ah. That made my day!

  16. It's a miracle they've been hidden this long! Guess they'll have to move on somewhere else now if they want to stay that way unfortunately, but I'm so happy they were able to get a few days alone together without being bothered!

  17. Must have made this little girls year!! To bad her mom pimped her out so she could shop the pics :(

  18. Looks to me like the girl may have been alone with them and they may have taken the pictures themselves....of eachother. Otherwise if I were the girl I would have made a robsten sandwich. Very cool either way....

  19. Where did Rob say his favorite vacation spot was while growing up? Was it IOW? No wonder he showed it to Kristen!

  20. i think he said i was some beach place in spain that he used to go to every summer when he was growing up

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