January 20, 2010

Rob helps Haiti!

Update: There's been an after-shock earthquake registering at 6.1 - please everyone donate!

NB: Gossip Cop confirms that Taylor won't be attending
I feel ya, Sharon!

According to E! Rob has officially signed on to host the UK leg of the Hope for Haiti telethon this Friday - if he starts selling kisses, it'll be in good shape!

Seriously... EPIC <3s!

- Lorabell

No word on other Twi-Cast yet - although I'd be surprised if Peter wasn't involved (atleast mentioning it on his Live Chat) but word on the KStewartFan live journal is that Kristen is booked to host a Skintimate Screening Series brunch honoring women in film at Sundance.


  1. Ooooh!
    What time and what channel?

  2. Do we know a time yet? That is a great think for him and to raise lots of money for a much needed Haiti:))

  3. Isn't it Friday? The post says Saturday...

  4. You know, I've been wondering where in the world Waldo...I mean, Rob was hiding. I think it's wonderful that he is coming out of hiding for such a good cause.


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