January 8, 2010

Pattz vs Clooney: the show down!

Oh, lol! I heart Anna more and more - at a recent taping of Ellen (aired Jan 8th) she explained being in the middle of a pseudo rift between our sparkly Rob and the steamy George:

"George gave me such a hard time about shooting Twilight. Whenever I came back, it was like, 'Oh, sorry, this isn't the Twilight set. You're not working with Mr. Handsome.' He called Rob 'Mr. Handsome.' "

So Anna got Mr. Handsome to autograph his April GQ cover for George. Since it seemed Clooney was having a hard time dealing with this newbie dreamboat, Pattz obliged with this encouraging message:

"To George: Best of Luck. Hang in there. Love, Rob."

Clooney, king of the jokes, returned the favor, signing his May 2009 Esquire cover to Rob with:

"Dear Rob: Thanks for all the inspiration. I'm a huge fan. Love, George (two-time Sexiest Man Alive)"

Here's a sneak peek of the show:

Sorry, George - I'm voting sparkles ;)

From E! via ROBsessed - thanks Shraddha

- Lorabell


  1. Aww so cute ^.^
    Gawd, I love that GQ cover of Rob ;)

  2. I adore Anna - I can't wait to see her in more movies or back on Broadway!!!

  3. i love robert GQ foto...<3
    but even tho hes old george is hot

  4. too cute. Rob is way sexier than George. Then again, I never got the George thing...

  5. Saw the show today, Anna is really a nice young lady. I think Anna should be getting props for her role in NM she totally stole the scene with KS going to the movies or shopping whatever they where doing in the movie:))

  6. THATS AWSOME! OMG! Im so late to this story but am thrilled to hear Rob getting some well deserved recognition...even if it is because he's the hottest man alive. Sorry George.


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