January 26, 2010

Oooooh - Three Disc New Moon DVD!


Target are in the front running for dvd of choice *eeek* extra features:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon 3 Disc Deluxe Edition DVD with Bonus Collectible Film Cell at Target

Available Only at Target – The Twilight Saga New Moon 3 Disc Deluxe Edition DVD with Bonus Collectible Film Cell.

Included in this edition are the 2 Disc Special edition plus a third disc of never before seen content and a bonus collectible film cell- check back for further details.

2 Disc Special Edition contains over 70 minutes of special features including:
revealing feature length commentary with Director Chris Weitz and Editor Peter Lambert;
a riveting 6-PART DOCUMENTARY that takes you behind the scenes (Part 1: Life After Twilight; Part 2: Chris Weitz takes the helm; Part 3: The Subtle Details; Part 4: Time to Shine; Part 5: Tricks of the Trade; Part 6: Ready for the World);
Band Rehersal Footage with Muse;
and Music videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, and Mute Math!

I want a cast commentary!

- Lorabell

Update: @Ismarie: No deets on Blu-ray for this version as yet, though there prolly will be. The main difference is that this one is three discs - as well as the commentary, documentary, Muse rehearsal and music videos on the regular two disc set - this has "never before seen content"... details to be confirmed, it seems :)


  1. So what's the difference between this one and the ones we can get at Borders or Walmart?? Is this coming in Blu-Ray too???

  2. Why aren't Rob, Kristin and Taylor on the commentary :(

  3. I love that fact that Target has this, so I can no use my Student Advantage discount and save 10% and get free shipping. I hate paying full price.

    And if this is the final cover, I don't really like it.

  4. I can't wait ^.^
    I want to see who gets the best edition, I want all the extras hehe ;)

  5. I got my Twilight DVD from Target because it had the free iTunes download... wonder if anyone will do that again with New Moon...

  6. Definitely NOT buying this dvd because I would never watch it. The Edward/Bella reunion scenes were cut and rushed, key E/B dialogue was totally eliminated, and there's no commentary from Rob and Kristen. Way to go scummit.

  7. Target is my hero! I bought the 3-Disc of Twilight there last year and it was well worth it. Especially considering it was around $17.99 and the two-disc at Walmart was around the same price. Plus, the Target version had the I-Tunes Digital Download, which is awe-some! =)


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