January 28, 2010

Official Trailer - Twilight in Forks Documentary

Dear Twitarded,

I wanna go to Fooooooooooooooooooooooooorks!


- Lorabell :)

P.s. I didn't think I would but like a true addict I'm actually going to watch this - view the trailer at Twilight Facebook :)


  1. Is it weird that I got goosebumps when I watched the trailer? Just thinking about how this fandom blew up and how successful everything has become. Not to mention, all the opportunities just being involved with Twilight has done to the actor and actresses in the movie. I never thought I would, but..I am SO buying this DVD(:

  2. @Lorabell - please come, it can be like the 'New Moon' screening all over again, but with more booze.

  3. I'm gonna go to Forks.. for the doc at the end.. He was cute!!:))

  4. Me too, I want to go and I will watch ;)

  5. why is there no trailer?

  6. I went to forks when they were promoting this dvd and I met the director. The previews are amazing and I cant wait to see the dvd. I love forks and would not mind going again!


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