January 6, 2010

No-Show Rob for People's Choice Awards :(

Update: Now Gossip Cop are saying that Kristen isn't coming either - hmmm... I wonder what she's busy *ahem* doing?

According to Gossip Cop:

A lot of people asked us whether Robert Pattinson would attend tomorrow’s People’s Choice Awards, the first big Hollywood gathering of 2010.

Gossip Cop has learned that, because of work commitments, Pattinson will NOT be at the show.

Pattinson has been nominated in the “Favorite Movie Actor” category.

"Work commitments"? I wonder what he's "working" on ... ifyouknowwhatImean!

- Lorabell ;)


  1. why yes mrs.tca

  2. What work is he doing right now.....

  3. He's doing the pre-production work for Bel Ami

  4. Oh, and he's going to start the media blitz for Remember Me end of Feb/beginning of Mar. Yesssssssss :)

  5. Honestly, I hope there's a good reason for him to miss (e.g.Word Ninja's comment - if that's the reason, cool!).

    I hate when stars start missing award shows where they're nominated. Not cool. Especially when it's something like the People's Choice Awards.


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