January 16, 2010

NM Dvd - hmmm, decisions decisions...

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I'm well aware I'll probably purchase more than one copy of New Moon - I have both the UK and US version of Twilight and had to stop myself from buying the Canadian one too for the extra features (which ended up on YouTube anyway - Lord love Twilighters!)

But I don't know whether I'll be able to stop myself from ordering more than one of the UK covers featuring Edward, Bella and Jacob (of course!) as well as this super-massive pimped-out Japanese version - so sparkly!!!

Via KStewartFans

- Lorabell


  1. I'm Team Edward but I want the Jacob cover... coz I have just Edward on the cover of my Twilight DVD so I think it'll make a good compliment!
    - Yes that's how it'll be.

    P.s. Yay your back, we're you been Lorabell?
    - I almost had to go to a twilight site for a different country where I can't read the language. lol.

  2. Me likey all!! Why oh why can't they put everything in one package!! oh yeah marketing and milking the fans $$$ for all it's worth:)) Dang commercialism- it really is at its best with Summit.

  3. well... i've ordered mine :D Edward of course :))

  4. I love my Edward but Taylor is pulling me in too LoL ^.^ I love them both, they should put it all in one. Stop making us choose LoL ;)

  5. I can't believe I didn't know the Canadian version of the Twilight dvd had extra stuff on it that the U.S. version didn't!

    Can anyone tell me what keywords to search on YouTube to find that extra stuff from the Canadian dvd?? Thanks!

  6. Yeah, I'd love the keywords too!


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