January 8, 2010

New/Old Too Cute Video of KStew Rock Climbing

How did I miss this?! She's so smiley and fun :)

Via KStewartFans

- Lorabell <3s like woah!

P.s. I've never seen "Catch That Kid" - anyone know if it's any good?


  1. Santa got "catch that kid" for my 2 daughters (ages 9 and 6) for Christmas this year. ;-) I think it's a pretty good movie (as far as kids movies go).

  2. @Bonnie: I think she had to learn for the movie :)
    - Lorabell

  3. Thatd be sweet as! haha, Im 16 and only just learning now :(

  4. Catch That Kid was my favorite movie when I was 8(: Its really good(: Oh, and I watched Speak, Lorabell!! IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!

  5. Wow! What happened to THAT KStew?

  6. haha my kids watch it all the time. Its pretty good :)

  7. Okay, I'm not a kid, but I adore movies geared towards YA. And as an adult I enjoyed "Catch That Kid" - also, I adore Jennifer Beals and she is in this movie.

  8. Catch that Kid is another cheesy kid movie with a bunch of actors who later hit it big (Corbin Bleu, Max Theriot, Kristen {obviously.})
    It's not too bad, but the humor is intended for the 10 and under audience. (farting, burping, etc.)
    Thank God Kristen moved on to better things!
    -mommy Jen

  9. I hope this isn't spoiler-ish, but the two boys in the movie both have crushes on Kristen's character and fight over her.

    Sound familiar? LOL

  10. Hi :D
    Catch that kid was one of my favorite movies when I was younger.
    I saw it a couples of day ago again and I think she did a very good job in the movie :)
    I think you should se the movie, Kristen is a really good actress.

    Best wishes from Sweden :)


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